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Common Commercial Paint Problems in Sydney

Running a commercial business could be extremely challenging, let alone keeping up the maintenance of your place. Investing in the exterior painting of your commercial business will eventually pay off, helping to attract new customers and produce repeat inquiries.

Exterior painting is the most productive method to keep a commercial building looking good. But if you lack time, you should consider hiring a commercial painting company in Sydney to keep your company’s appearance looking sparkling. You can relax knowing that professional commercial painters in Sydney will do everything they can to make your company look good from the outside.

Commercial painting firms provide excellent and affordable professional interior and exterior services for your businesses. Professional commercial painters in Sydney generally have a huge range of skills, including general and corrective painting skills, and apply special coatings such as anti-static & fire protection coatings.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the layers of paint may cause problems by peeling, splitting, or cracking. Let us now take a view of some of the common issues that commercial painters in Sydney solve on a daily basis as part of their services.

Faded Paint

Paint that has faded won’t appear vibrant or new. It affects the appearance of your commercial space by making it less professional. This will kill its exterior attraction. A new coat of paint can give your buildings a new lease of life, letting customers know that you have pride in your business and commercial building.

Taking it one step further, commercial professional painters can use high-grade fade-resistant paint that lowers the need for maintenance and lasts longer.

Commercial professional painters have successfully restored many office buildings throughout Sydney according to the clients’ instructions. Our professional commercial painting services in Sydney cater to general painting issues. We suggest appropriate care solutions and colors that will work best to address the effect of time and weather on your commercial building.

Blistered or Cracked Paint:

Peeled and cracked paints can show potential clients that the owners of the building don’t care about its appearance. In this scenario, a professional commercial painting company can help. They will remove the peeling and cracked paint and then prepare the surface properly to prevent blistering and cracking on the new coat of paint. Prior to painting, the wall must be properly prepared in order to produce a new, expert painting job that will remain beautiful for many years to come.

It is always best practice to select a superior paint fade-resistant paint as the makeup slows down the failure of the color—keeping your commercial painting building looking at its best for longer between paint touch-ups.

Mildew and Mould

Mould and mildew commonly harm exterior surfaces. It spreads across nearly every stain and material surface and darker shade downward if it’s not treated in time.  Areas of your building that get a lot of shade should be observed closely, as the shade makes drying the site hard and can lead to fungal growth.

In addition, professional commercial painters at Master painting Sydney are highly skilled in using high-pressure cleaning equipment, which is the most suitable technique to remove fabric and stains. High-pressure cleaning uses water expelled at high stress to clean commercial buildings.

The best procedure is always prevention as the old saying goes.

The all areas coating team are professional Home painters in Sydney who offer defensive waterproofing paint treatments that prevent water and dampness from expanding on a commercial structure’s surface.

Inadequate waterproofing can result in more visible water breaks, greater mould growth, and water damage throughout the business property. This can make a building unsafe to inhabit and pose health dangers such as chesty issues, for those that occupy the building.


Chalking is a general problem. This is nothing but the formation of unrestricted powder in painted walls. Poor quality paintings with high levels of color are to be blamed for chalking. Other reasonable causes of chalking are age and application of the paint. Also, if the paint you use has deteriorated too much, it can cause a problem. Strata painting Sydney will, however, successfully scrape out the paint and repaint the worn-out areas after treating them. They will also apply high variety of paints.

How Much Does Commercial Painting Cost?

Our commercial painters at All Districts Coatings have extensive experience handling projects from conception to completion. We will handle all particular projects to ensure that all customers are happy and that commercial painting in Sydney costs stays within budget. Additionally, our commercial painters will work with you to ensure that there is as little disruption to your business operations as possible.